Photo 4 Aug 4 notes #DTLA #LosAngeles #perchla #DowntownLosAngeles #LAlife #LosAngeles #SoCal #CityOfAngels

#DTLA #LosAngeles #perchla #DowntownLosAngeles #LAlife #LosAngeles #SoCal #CityOfAngels

Text 4 Aug 5 notes My Planner Makes Me Happy

We all have personality traits we may not be proud of. In my case, it was that I would always overbook myself and I should also add the fact that I would forget I had said yes to others before I was saying yes to the 2nd invitation. So one day many years ago I decided I needed to start writing things down in my calendar because I kept messing up. I believe I must have been 24 when I started this.

"Are you free on Monday?"

"Hold on. Let me check my calendar."

People would make fun of me stating that they had to book me weeks in advance which in a lot of ways was true. I am very social. Most of my friends are very social. So we tend to plan ahead of time so it worked out well for me. As time passed and I “matured” financially, my calendar has grown into its own little empire which brings me nothing but joy. So I opted to get a monthly planner. Now that I got my appointments, finances, and deadline reminders on check, I decided that this year I would go all out on my planner and I’m very happy that I did!

I bought a custom made planner from and I love it. Now I’m even more excited. Not only do I have my shit together and feel responsible, but I also have a badass planner which is all me.


Text 28 Jul 7 notes Has It Been A Year Already??

My Englishman and I have been “official” since February this year, but if you ask him he will tell you it has been a year. As some of you may recall, I went through a roller coaster of emotions. When some things didn’t go my way, I bolted. I yearned for a past that wasn’t good for me. At one point not realizing at the time that in front of me was the whole package. Long story short, he didn’t give up and I came to realize on my own that I was being stupid and asked him to be my boyfriend.

This weekend marked the one year anniversary of our first date. A date that lasted 9 hours. We wanted to do something to celebrate so we decided on dinner and a movie. As I was getting ready I told him I would wear some of the jewelry he has given me since we started dating. Which I must say is a lot; including a diamond ring w/ my birthstone which he gave me for my birthday a few weeks ago. As soon as I told him this he asked me if I wanted my anniversary gift. I felt bad because I hadn’t gotten him anything. He told me not to worry. So I obliged. He gave me two sets of earrings w/ matching necklaces made of crystal from a store he keeps getting me stuff from.

So as he put my new necklace on I thought to myself, he is the one. This man is what I always wanted from my previous relationships and more. He lets me know by his actions that he wants to be w/ me. This man caters to me in every way possible. He tells me I’m beautiful everyday. He has my coffee ready for me and served at my bedside every morning we spend together. He cooks for me. He satisfies me every single time to the fullest if you know what I’m talking about. He offers to massage my feet when we are watching TV. He schedules himself around me. He wants me to be a part of his life as he shows me off to everyone he knows. And most importantly, everyone, and I mean everyone who meets him, loves him. That is very important.

What difference a year makes. I love this man and he deserves it because he treats me like a queen. I hope to be the best girlfriend I can possibly be to him and more.



Text 21 Jul 2 notes Insomnia

It’s almost 230am and I can’t sleep. I’m thinking about nothing. My Englishman is sleeping next to me like a baby and I’m wide awake. So I thought maybe I should blog.

I’m actually getting sleepy now that I’ve written a few sentences. Am I boring myself to sleep?!?!

Text 14 Jul 1 note Blues/Rock Music Melts Me.

We all have a music genre that just hits a spot w/ you where you might find yourself in a trance/euphoric state. I’m very particular w/ my music. I am all over the music spectrum but those genres/artists that hit that spot are few. What I can say is that the genre that consistently makes me think, “Damn! Now this is some good shit!”, is Blues/Rock.

I love Gary Clark Jr and his soulful music and those guitar riffs, my god. I love the Black Keys, so w/ their new album out, I’m melting. Dan Auberach from The Black Keys solo album is one of my all time favorites. I find them to be awfully sexy sounds. This music puts me in the mood for love making in a dim room.

I grew up w/ a father who raised me to appreciate 70s Classic Rock which is why I think I enjoy this particular genre so much. As a woman I have always been attracted to so called “rugged men”. Men who are confident in themselves and have this James Dean sex appeal to them. This music has this James Dean rugged sex appeal. It just melts me, makes me want to make love to my Englishman all the time. haha ok maybe a little too much information there.

What’s your favorite music genre?


Text 11 Jul 5 notes Why I Think Critics Should Lay Off J.CREW

I was online reading about J.Crew’s new sizing which is being sold only in stores in Asia and ”online only” in the USA. The company is being criticized by writers and women all over America calling it just right “shameful” and suggesting that women will now “starve’ themselves to fit into these clothes. They are not seeing that these sizes are ONLY being sold in Asia where the average woman weighs 110-114lbs, the average cup size for a bra is a size A or B, and where the average height is 5’2”.

So why am I disagreeing with all the women critics?  I am an American woman who weighs 106lbs, has a 34b cup size, and whose height is 5”2”. I am perfectly proportioned. I am petite and compact. My shopping experience is simple. If I like it and it fits, buy it. I shop this way because I can’t always find clothes that fit my body perfectly sometimes. I always look for petite clothing lines and they are so hard to come by. I applaud J.crew for their accommodation.

I believe people need to look beyond the size and read who these sizes are geared towards and not take it as an attack on the “American Woman”. Its for women like me who have gone their entire life trying to find clothes that fit our petite frame.


Text 29 Jun 2 notes Dodged The “Hercules Bullet”

Anyone remember Mr Hercules? Tall handsome all American guy who girls love love love but can come off a little douchy? He and I had some what of a “something” going on before I met the Englishman. When I met the Englishman I stopped seeing him and the gossip that came w/ seeing Mr Hercules didn’t help his case as well. We have a lot of mutual friends so I see him here and there but since Halloween have been avoiding any gatherings that I know he will be at because that day we talked awkwardly to each other something that everyone picked up on. By now all the girls know that he and I had a “thing” and that’s why I avoid it. But sometimes I just can’t.

Mr Hercules has text me here and there only when it comes to the 49ers. The season is over and only recently did he text me to see how I was. I told him I was good. He proceeded to ask me how the, as he put it, “shacked up” life was I told him, it was going good. I asked how his dating life was going and he said it was going. That’s where the conversation ended. Later that night at 2amish he text me “Is it inappropriate to say that I miss you?”. I was asleep and read it the next morning. I didn’t respond. I figured he was drunk. And I have a boyfriend so I must not encourage any feelings anyone may have for me.

Having said that, I’m going to see him one day at a gathering because one of my close friends boyfriend is his best friend. But it’s something that no one talks about out loud. So far since the whole Halloween Party bump in where we awkwardly talked as he helped me zip my costume since the zipper was stuck while he waited for me so he could use the bathroom, we haven’t bumped into each other until today. Well just almost.

The Greece game was over and I started saying goodbye to everyone. I plan to see the Englishman later so I decided to head out and get ready to meet him. Everyone was going to stay longer as it is Woodland Hills w/ 100f weather for some pool time and drinks. As I was walking to my car I noticed a truck pulling in to park. I got in my car and turned it on. As I looked at my rear view mirror I see that it’s Mr Hercules getting out of the truck. He stops to look at my car and I looking back drive off. I was glad I’d left. I’m not good at these awkward conversations that we seem to have when we bump into each other.

My friends think that he thought I’d be like all the other girls before me. Drooling over him but I wasn’t and that’s why he is the way he is w/ me, awkward. I don’t know what it is but everyone has noticed our awkwardness when we do bump into each other. So I’m glad I dodged that bullet. Phew.


Text 28 Jun 4 notes One Day Too Many

Attended the birthday of one of my friends today and I decided not to go out after I got home. I have been catching up on some of my TV shows. I quickly started to miss my English man. He left this morning to San Jose for the day to a LA Galaxy game but will be back tomorrow.

Since we became “official” we have been spending every weekend together non stop. We live 30 miles from each other so We quickly decided when we started dating that it’s better to spend the weekends at each other’s. So weekend after weekend, month after month, that has been what we have been doing. I decided not to go to SJ because I am the administrator on call for work tonight.

This weekend was the first weekend that we weren’t going to spend together. He told me Thursday night that he would be driving to me Friday and leave from my place at 5am Saturday to pick up his friend to head to SJ. He came by and as the night progressed I started to miss him even though he was right next to me. This has never happened to me before. Soon we went to bed and I dreaded that I would not see him until Sunday.

I woke up this morning to him dressed in his Galaxy attire looking oh so gorgeous and leaning over me letting me know he was leaving. I was half asleep and hugged him. He then kissed me a lot. Small pecks but he kept kissing me for a good 15minutes. Perfect way to say goodbye.

Ugh, I wish he was here. But I need to wait until tomorrow to see him. Even though I don’t see him on the weekdays due to work and distance I didn’t realize how much breaking our weekend routine would make me miss him but I had fun today w/ my cousin and friends at Perch in DTLA so it was productive. Tomorrow I meet them again to watch some World Cup games, so that should make time fly so I could see my babe in the late afternoon.

Speaking of my Englishman, he is texting me now. Anyhow, have a goodnight Tumblr.


Photo 28 Jun 2 notes #LosAngeles #LA #DTLA #PerchLA #CityOfAngels #LAlife #SoCal #DowntownLosAngeles

#LosAngeles #LA #DTLA #PerchLA #CityOfAngels #LAlife #SoCal #DowntownLosAngeles

Text 12 Jun 4 notes Please, Don’t Mind ME.

Lately, I have noticed what an accent can do to the panties of American women. And I must admit, I’m included in this equation as well. I’ve always liked the man that wasn’t so “American”. Ask my cousins and girlfriends. I guess I was never intrigued by the guys I was meeting. Some were such sweethearts but I just wasn’t feeling it. I have always liked what was different. So if I heard an accent I would ask, “Where are you from?” and get chatty w/ them whether they were male or female. I guess I have always enjoyed meeting people from other countries. This is how I met the Spanish Man, my second love, inquiring as to where he was from since I saw that his Spanish wasn’t your typical Spanish.

Well now I have a loving boyfriend who is from the motherland, England. And like the Spanish Man, he is handsome but on a Nerdier level. Which is hot in my opinion. He has been in the US 3 years now and he has a heavy English accent. I have noticed that whenever we go anywhere especially when paying the female cashiers ask him, “OMG! Where are you from?”. Each one smiling like Prince Harry just walked in. I’m on the side rolling my eyes, hating. But I’m not the jealous type. I’m flattered. But its  like I’m invisible.

In Vegas, my cousin noticed the waitresses only asked him if he needed another drink. And in his serious English accent he would decline. I told my cousin I was used to it by then. We all laughed every time it would happen from then on.

Monday, he and I went to get a quick bite to eat and the girl got red and told us, or should I say told him she was sorry but his voice was just so beautiful. Again, I’m just standing there. She was red and embarrassed and in turn he got red and embarrassed. Her co-workers heard and looked at each other embarrassed for her. By this point, I think I made her feel worse because I started laughing out loud. Once we sat down I told him it was like watching The Beatles fans cry and scream every time he orders food. He was embarrassed and I wasn’t helping by laughing.

In the end, I’m his girlfriend and he always treats me as so. He wants to spoil me and make me happy, going above and beyond to show me he loves me and wants to be w/ me. This is what I’ve always wanted and dreamed of. So if girls just want to get giggly over his accent, then I’m cool w/ that.


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